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Experience the crystal clear, spring fed waters of beautiful Raleigh Lake from the door of your cabin at our main camp. Begin your fishing adventure by entering onto Crocker Bay, which is 1 of the 3 parts of the lake. Raleigh Lake is approximately 6 miles long with depths upto 100ft with many beaches and picnic areas. In Raleigh Lake, you'll find some of the best Lake Trout fishing in the area, with the average catch ranging from 2-5lbs. However, some of the bigger "lunkers" have been known to strike from the depths.

For the avid Fisherman/woman who wishes to add variety to their catch and enjoys excursions can venture off to one of our remote lakes where we have boats cached. These remote lakes include Dibble Lake, Paddy Lake, Sangster Lake, Smyllie Lake and a few near lakes we day trip boats in for you.

We urge our guests to carry a camera on their fishing trips so that when a trophy sized fish is caught that it can be released and the memory could be still captured. Trophy size fish are good "reproducers" and they should always be released for prosperous fishing in the future. "Lets try and make every experience a good experience for all!"

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